Sound Moves

After reading this article, I felt like I could easily connect with some of the points that Michael Bull makes about the Ipod culture. I recently just lost my Ipod, and I am also a commuter, with that being said… I feel like I lost a huge part of me. The day I lost my Ipod I realized what it was like to experience the world outside of work, school or being indoors at home. At one point I was sitting in the bus and I remember thinking to myself “Why is it so noisy? I don’t remember these buses having all this noise.” Then I realized I was not in my everyday “world” which is that, of music.

Most people take their preference in music very seriously, I am a prime example of this statement. I love my music and I can tune the world out by putting my headphones on. Though, some people claim this to be a negative result, I view it differently. There is nothing better than to begin a long day, than to be able to listen to some good music which can possibly pump you up for the rest of the day. Then theres the end of day, stress reliever, my Ipod.

Since I lost my Ipod, I have been limited to 4 gigs – it’s been a week, and I am ready to go purchase my 32 gig once again.

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